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Once a passenger arrives in Buenos Aires they want to know the city, to meet its people , to acknowledge their customes and see their neibourhoods; to go to shows, and to go sightseeing at night,too. And much more they could dream of. To achieve this goal , not only does a passenger need a relaxing flight and a comfortable hotel, but they would also like an excellent means of transport; that is to say, one which can display the feeling of comfort, safety driving and hygienic conditions;and where the passengers feel so at ease as if they were driving their own cars.

Besides, we take all your personel to your company premises or any other destination, as well as any kind of requirement your firm needs and you let us know, such as special events, social conventions , lectures, etc.

Our main goal is tosatisfy the needs of those who choose our company, and to achieve this, we have modern and fully equipped buses,and highly qualified staff. Moreover, we own a parking place near downtown wher every bus is checked and tested periodically, soasto provide excellent quality and trustworthy services.